Make The Sky Bloom

a book by Jacopo Perfetti


01. What is the book about?

A book about how you can develop ideas that change the future. Future as a crucial disruption of current frameworks.

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02. Why change the future now?

We live in the time of chaos, and there could not be a better time to develop our ideas and change the future. For (at least) 6 reasons:

The great recession

which is changing every market, every paradigm and every logic of our capitalist culture. In this perspective, change is no more optional, it is instead necessary.


which is evolving towards a new paradigm that is no longer unidirectional (developed economies and big corporations set the rule of the worldwide market) but multidirectional.

New technologies

which have created new job opportunities and they have widened the access to knowledge, and that has always led to a key step in the evolution of human beings.


of pro-active consumers and the rise of global trust among people.

The environmental impact

and the growth of the world population (in 2060 we will be 10 billion people, many of which will need energy) and that can only lead to three possible scenarios: change our way of life, find new sustainable energy resources, or move to new planets, like Mars.

The end of work

The end of «the iron rice bowl» – the guaranteed lifetime employment which led to a professional dynamism in every sector, both in terms of business (career) and in terms of self-development (entrepreneurial approach).

03. How to develop an idea that change the future?

In this book, I have collected the stories of people who – thanks to their longing for the stars and their cleverness – were able to give life to something completely new. Prompted by this inspiration, I have created a method to develop ideas in six steps:

01, B.o.a.t.s.

First of all, you need your B.O.A.T.S.: an idea “based on a true story” that fulfills the thirteen criteria summed up in the acronym B.E.S.T.O.F.A.L.L.T.I.M.E.; this ensures it can engage people and change over time without losing its essence.

02, Sea & Waves

Once we defined our idea, we must pinpoint the best context for it to thrive, and ride the wave of the imagination without betraying our promise. «Change the context. Change the value.» We should never get used to change but get passionate about it, without losing our ability to be amazed and to see the extraordinary in the ordinary.

03, Wind

Companies are not only an expression of profit they make, but also an expression of people who make them profitable. It takes Hegel. It takes Lemmy. And it takes that kind of enthusiasm that make us yell: «It Could Work!». It’s time to ask ourselves «Which job should I invent?» rather than «Which job should I find?»

04, Water & Rocks

Let’s focus on ideas and creativity rather than on budget and cash. Let’s work on networks, credit and reputation. Let’s take our time, there is no system «to have it all and have it now», and a deep love for hard and patient work is therefore necessary. Let’s work hard to imagine a future that is an expression of what we want and not of what we always believed to want. We are the beginning, not the end.

05, Harbour

We are ready to implement our idea and to face the outside environment to test it. Connect the dots and listen to our stakeholders, without forgetting our responsibilities both as a sustainable producer (push) and a conscious consumer (pull).

06, Stars

Aim for the stars. Why be a second class Ravel when we can be a first-class Gershwin? Let’s create our box ourselves. Seek art everywhere, although this will fill our head with question marks. Let’s go beyond the nostalgia for a future we’ve never been in order to give meaning to the chaos, creating new models and making the sky bloom.

04. Who is this book for?

Craftsmen, creatives, artists, musicians, designers, managers, writers, philosophers, entrepreneurs or non-entrepreneurs who want to develop an idea.

05. What this book is made of?

The book mixes stories, strategies, and theories from different fields, music (Lemmy Kilmister, Springsteen, Sex Pistols…), art (Duchamp, Banksy, Damien Hirst…), entrepreneurship (Airbnb, Virgin, Olivetti…), history (French Revolution, 1977), Philosophy (Nietzsche, Žižek, Bauman…), Cinema and Literature (Pasolini, Pascoli, Bradbury…).

06. The author

Jacopo Perfetti, 1981, Humanistic studies degree and MBA, I believe in the marvel of ideas, I have fun launching entrepreneurial ventures and I collaborate with SDA Bocconi School of Management. Over the last 10 years I have worked as marketing and communication consultant for many Italian brands such as Eni, 55Dsl, Moleskine, Campari, Lottomatica and laRinascente. As a curator, I worked in many museums, I promoted artists and I curated many art books for Skira publisher in order to take art to everybody because everybody has the right to live it. | @jacopoperfetti